Ponts Et Ouvrages En Maconnerie

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Ponts Et Ouvrages En Maconnerie

اسم عنوان المنشور
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Publication Address :Aragon, Ernest.عنوان المنشور
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الفئة الرئيسية
Main & Sub Category :624 الهندسة المدنية Bridgesالفئة الرئيسية والفرعية
Vol :-المجلد
Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC)No :624.2رقم تصنيف ديوي العشري
Article Title :Ponts Et Ouvrages En Maconnerie /عنوان المقال
Statement of responsibility :-بيان المسؤولية
Place of publication :Paris :مكان النشر
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H.Dunod Et E.Pinat Editeurs,

اسم الناشر
Date of publication :1909.تاريخ النشر
Publication Extent :546 p. :نطاق النشر
Publication Dimensions :18 cm.أبعاد النشر
Topical term :Bridges.المصطلح الموضعي
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The physical location of publication :a)Aragon, Ernest.عنوان الوعاء
Publication data field :a)Ponts Et Ouvrages En Maconnerie / c)Ernest Aragon.حقل بيانات النشر
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Topical term :a)Paris : b)H.Dunod Et E.Pinat Editeurs, c)1909.رؤوس الموضوعات
Language Code :a)546 p. : b)ill. ; c)18 cm.رمز اللغة
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Essays critical and historical dedicated to Lily B. Campbell, by members of the Departments of English, University of California.

Book 1950

P اللغات و الآداب

820 الأدب الإنجليزي والأمريكي والأدب الإنجليزي القديم
English literature
a)Paris : b)H.Dunod Et E.Pinat Editeurs, c)1909.


University of California Press,
viii, 286 p.
24 cm.
English literature / History and criticism.
a)California. Univ. Libr. c)NcRS d)EG-EULC
a)Essays critical and historical dedicated to Lily B. Campbell, by members of the Departments of English, University of California.
a)Berkeley: b)University of California Press, c)1950
a)viii, 286 p. b)port. c)24 cm.
a)English literature x)History and criticism.
|a)a 50009637|9)(DLC)a 50009637|a)(OCoLC)3268731|a)PR14 b).C37 1950|a)premarc|a)GB51-11392|a)Wycliff and Chaucer on the contemplative life, by F. Towne.--Skelton’s Colyn Cloute: the mask of Vox pupuli, by R. S. Kinsman.--Elizabethan portents: superstition or doctrine? By L. M. Buell.--Jean de Bordes’ Maria Stuarta tragoedia: the earliest-known drama on the Queen of Scots, by J. E. Phillips.--Celtic antiquarianism in the Curious discourses, by L. Van Norden.--On editing Dryden’s early poems, by H. T. Swedenberg, Jr.--The early poetical career of Samuel Woodforde: the heavenly muse in the age of reason, by E. N. Hooker.--Tarpaulin arabick in the days of Pepys, by W. Matthews.--John Locke as literary critic and Bibical interpreter, by G. G. Pahl.--Wycherley’s Manly reinterpreted, by A. H. Chorney.--The genesis of Steele’s The conscious lovers, by J. Loftis.--The 1737 editions of Alexander Pope’s letters, by V. A. Dearing.--The mystery of Martin Chuzzlewit, by A. B. Nisbet.--Trollope on the novel, by B. A. Booth.--Henry Jame’s romantic ”vision of the real” in the 1870’s by R. P. Falk.--Notes.--Bibliography of Lily B. Campbell.|a)University of California publications. English studies: 1|a)Campbell, Lily Bess, d)1883-1967.|a)University of California, Los Angeles. b)Department of English.|a)University of California, Berkeley. t)University of California publications. p)English studies, v)1.|


Mathematics Of Finance/

510 الرياضيات


Mathematics Of Finance/
Paul M.Hummel؛ Charles L. Seebeck Edite
New York:

Mcgraw hill book company,

New York:
362 P:
24 CM.
Seebeck,Charles / Edite.
a)Alex.U.Eng d)Alex.U.Eng
2)21 a)510
a)Mathematics Of Finance/ c)Paul M.Hummel؛ Charles L. Seebeck Edite
a)New York: b)Mcgraw hill book company, c)1948
a)362 P: b)Illus; c)24 CM.


a)Seebeck,Charles e)Edite.|Inc Index,Teble|a)Inc Index,Teble|a)Purchase|a)510HM|djaofrcdho#000#0#|